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about catching dragonflies

Catching Dragonflies investigates a silent disease ripping the heart from the oldest culture on earth and in the process exposes inadequacies in prevention and detection of those suffering. 

We reveal what that means for the life trajectory of the individuals as well as the impact on our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and our nation. 

The short film’s purpose is to drive awareness that Otitis Media is a fourth world statistic in Australia and is a preventable chronic disease.


Catching Dragonflies will highlight the epidemic problem of poor Indigenous ear health throughout Australia and the massive flow on effect this has for the sufferers of the disease, their families, their Communities, their culture and their Language, as well as the financial and social effect on Australia as a whole.  

Extensive research and communication with clinical practitioners, researchers, and health workers specialising in the field of chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) reveals a disease that demands to be treated like any other chronic illness or disease such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. The simple facts are it is not! 

Catching Dragonflies aims to bring the issue to the fore. CSOM costs the Australian people over $600 million a year in Medicare, over $300 million per year in social welfare and a staggering $850 million per year in incarceration.  Yet still Indigenous Australians continue to have the worst ear health in the world.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that if 4% of the population suffer from CSOM it’s a massive health problem. In Australia’s Indigenous Communities rates vary from 45% through to 90% of CSOM.

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